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Tin Roofing

It is proven fact that tin roofing has the potential to last up to 100 years. In other words, if you choose tin roofing, you won’t have to think about changing, repairing or replacing the roofing in your lifetime. As well as being sturdy and long lasting, tin or metal roofs are easy on the pocket. The longevity and affordability makes metal roofing one of the most-sought after shelter materials.

When compared to many other roofing materials, metal roofing bounces the heat back. The metal roofs reflect the heat and does not let heat to penetrate the interiors of your property. When the world is facing the threat of climate change and global warming, metal roofs offer a long term solution. The metal roofing is ideal for extreme weather conditions and areas of tropical climate. It can offer your building a better protection from extreme heat or cold. The metal roofs equipped with insulation can reduce your energy cost in summer up to 40% and the energy consumption in winter up to 15%.

Metal roofing materials typically contain a high percentage of recycled materials and therefore, it is environmental-friendly. When the life span of metal roofing is over, it can be easily recycled, without causing harm to the environment. Metal roofing is light weight and this makes it easy to maintain and install. The lightness of metal roofing makes it easy for the wall and the foundation to support it. The load bearing roof support structures will only draw minimum stress from the metal roofing, making it very sturdy and safe. It can also be installed on existing roof to reinforce the roofing. Despite being light, metal roofing is highly wind resistant and resilient to heat.

Beige and Stone House with a tin roof in the Fall

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